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2048 Cards - Where Numbers Meet the Deck!

2048 Cards invites you to a free-to-play online experience where numbers come to life in a casual card game.

Match identical numbers to create larger sums. Jump into strategic fun and aim for high scores with this game!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, simply tap on a card from the deck, hold, and then drag and drop. On a PC, click on a card from the deck using the left mouse button, hold, and drag to drop.

How To Play - 2048 Cards

The goal of this game is straightforward and simple. You're presented with two cards on the deck, and your task is to match their numbers with the top card.

Drag the cards to match numbers, and when identical numbers meet, they combine to form a new sum. To tidy up, you can discard cards into the designated option. Use your mathematical prowess to achieve a high score in this engaging game!

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