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Dear gamers - Welcome to the fantastic world of 💥 Explode Games! If you are a casual gaming fan and want to play the best games for free, you have arrived at the right place.

We are a group of passionate gamers who created this fun-filled and action-packed casual gaming website for you.

We have free games in many categories, and you can select the games you like the most via the main menu. We have popular genres like Action, Cars, Racing, Shooting, IQ, Strategy, Adventure, Skill, and Match-3 games.

There are also fantastic popular Bubble Shooters. Best of all, you don't need to download any games to play them. Instead, you can access any of our games free of cost via your browser and play them anywhere at any time! We have so many free games that you'll never feel bored again. If you're looking for games to improve your cognitive skills, we suggest Solitarea™, where you'll find a large selection of free solitaire games that can offer both relaxation and mental improvement.

Explore the world of adventure where you can be a hero, a warrior, a sharpshooter, or a driver who ventures alone in the unknown. If you like captivating but straightforward games, you can try our fantastic matching, math, and memory games anytime. You can also connect with your friends for a multiplayer duel via our free online games.

So buckle up and get ready for the best online gaming session!

All the Funny Games and The Classics

You don't need to download the games to get started. Instead, you can play free online games via your browser and play them anywhere, anytime - including all the latest and most popular online games!

From speed racing games to stickman games or match-3 memory games to online arcade games, all are easily accessible, quickly understood, and instantly playable here on BOOM. We've designed online games to leave you feeling maximally entertained hour after hour.

Visit a world of magic, beauty, and action. We have free online games in all the categories you want. You can double the fun by playing free games against your friends on our site.

Explore the adventure world where you can be the hero, the warrior, the sharpshooter, or the driver who ventures alone into the unknown. If you like captivating but easy-to-understand online games, try our excellent matching, math, and memory games anytime. So get started and have some great fun here at Explode Games.

Online Arcade Games That will Blow you Away!!

If you have never played an Arcade action game or an endless runner, you'll know you can never get enough of them. Arcade action games like shooting and fighting work on sparking your emotions and will release a dopamine rush.

The motion of your scope, the strength of your fist, and your weapons are the emotions that inspire you to conquer your enemies. It will always give a feel that you are the king in the ring.

The same goes for the endless runner games. You are tackling and overcoming all the hurdles and risks. It is both enjoyable and requires patience.

Best Free Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble Shooter Games are incredible bubble-matching games that can be very addictive. The core idea is that you'll use your shooter to fire floating bubbles that will be combined into colourful clusters above your head.

The floating bubbles have different colours, and matching colours are needed to clear our bubbles. A bubble of a solid colour is loaded into your shooter, and you have to shoot the bubble with precision to match it with other bubbles with identical colours.

Three connected bubbles will gain you points, and if more bubbles are connected, your score will be even higher! Just like the simple free Match-3 games, the theme, colour, and the idea of floating bubbles are lovely. It's like playing around in the cosmos while matching the floating stars. Try all our Free Bubble Shooter Games today. It's just simple, fun, and entertaining!

Minesweeper for the Math Thrill-Seekers!

To boost your logical sense, we recommend playing Minesweeper, as it will both entertain and optimize your brain. You may use reasoning to attempt to guess where these mines are hidden. Finding the mines may be difficult, and you risk setting them off by mistake.

Flagging the locations of mines is a skill that can be honed with practice, so you can become better as the game progresses. It just takes one right-click on a square in Minesweeper to plant your flag there. Alternatively, if you right-click on a square, you may unplant a flag from its current place.

The Largest Collection of Free Casual Browser Games

We have created the most significant collection of free casual games that will blow up your mind and give you a unique gaming experience.

  • Ask yourself, Are you a hardcore game fan and fond of arcade games?
  • Is the action in your blood?
  • Do you have the heart of a warrior?
  • Are you the best racer in the world?

Find out right now. We provide some eye-catching, amazing casual games full of action and visual explosions.

Prove yourself on the battlefield, show your worth, and destroy the enemies with your guns and armour.

Remember, all our games are free of cost so everyone can play. Enjoy playing our massive collection of free games.

No Download Required! - Play Instantly in Your Browser!

Another crucial and great thing about playing games online on our website is that they can be played on any platform without downloads. There's no need to waste your device's storage space as all our games play instantly in your internet browser!

Just grab a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer and play the games for free. Besides action and racing games, you'll also be able to play matching and mathematical games that will help boost your IQ.

Brain Boosting Match-3 Games at Explode Games!

Match-3 games are hugely popular casual games as the excitement from matching up the symbols is never-ending.

Matching three or more identical objects to get points makes the game hyper-casual and will engage you right from the start. An extra layer of excitement comes from the optional time limit enforced in some games.

It can be the most thrilling parameter of matching games. Popular matching games require you to make intelligent decisions as fast as possible. You have to keep patient planning your move, but you also have to pay attention to the timer as the clock is always ticking, and time is running out.

No other game requires more concentration than these games. As a result, they are not only fun but also brain-boosting similar to Sudoku online.

Our Games are Safe From Sneaky Tricks!

Many other gaming sites will force you to buy power-ups, boosters, or elements with real money. This can get very expensive and is especially dangerous for younger people. This is not the case here on our website, as you can play free games online that have been tested by our in-house game testers.

Microtransactions have become the norm in many "free games" recently. We do not like this development in free gaming, so we made a better and safer alternative :)

Our Free Games Play Perfectly on Any Device

From the onset, a consistent gaming experience on all devices has been our goal. Sometimes web games do not work on mobile, even though they work on a computer. And sometimes, the mobile view will be completely different from the desktop experience.

We solved the problem, so all games play perfectly and give a great gaming experience no matter the platform you choose to play them. iPhone, tablet, or desktop PC - All the games on the site are compatible with any device used. So you can enjoy free PC games or play on our mobile device here.

Our free games automatically scale to any size of your screen. We're using the latest cloud hosting technology to deliver the best gaming experience to you. In addition, our team worked hard to optimize everything to make the gaming experience as smooth as possible.

We constantly update our free gaming platform with new games and improvements. And we're interested in your great ideas. Let us know if there are specific games that you'd like to play or if you're a game developer looking for work so that you can be part of the team.

Explode Games is a Safe Gaming Site

When you play online on random websites, it is hard to trust them or make sure that they are safe. However, safety and user-friendliness are very important to us. We can assure you that our development team, who created our free games, did so with the utmost care and commitment.

We have several free games here which are highly educational and created with learning purposes in mind. The motto of our site is to create and innovate a positive experience for all users.

We provide unlimited access to free games about Math, Match-3, Sudoku, and other memory games. The games will enhance your academic and problem-solving abilities in a delightful way.

The games here are designed to remove your boredom and keep you focused. Our featured games are constantly being checked by following a strict routine. Our technical team works hard to check all games for spyware and malware. As a result, no harmful code will be found in our fun games.

Free Board Games Like Mahjong and Sudoku

Our site is filled with Arcade games, but we also have a great selection of board games like Mahjong, Sudoku, and Solitaire.

Mahjong online is a trendy Chinese game that has been played for thousands of years. You'll have to match all the tiles on the table to finish the game. Mahjong requires sharp eyes and excellent thinking capability to finish the game in time.

But It is also exciting and a good brain exercise. The same can be said about the ever-popular game of Sudoku.

Sudoku is a Japanese mathematical game where the numbers 1-9 are inserted in a grid. Now it's up to you to solve the puzzle. This game is exciting and an excellent exercise to boost your IQ. Solitaire is also very popular on our site as the classic card game can be played alone or with friends. An exciting and addicting game indeed.

Let the Games Begin at Explode Games

You will have a fantastic and safe experience roaming in our exciting gaming universe. Prepare to play games online and pick from a wide selection of fun games. Also, don't forget to grab the opportunity to play with your friends online because the best free online games become even better when played with your friends.

Want to kill some zombies? Want to race? Want to shoot down some enemy jet fighters? Or, want to play some dressing-up games or bubble shooter games for your amusement? Select a fun game, and let the gaming begin!

FAQs - Free Online Games

1️⃣ What is Explode Games?

Explode Games is the coolest casual gaming site! Explode Games is filled with fun browser games in many different categories. We have both simple hyper-casual fun games and games that require immersion and tremendous dedication to get to the final level.

2️⃣ Does it cost anything to play on Explode Games?

All games on Explode Games are 100% free, and you can play as much as you want without it costing you anything, so it's games ad libitum!

3️⃣ Is Explode Games a safe place for children?

Explode Games is not designed for children as a primary audience, and we, therefore, recommend that parents of children under 13 look over their shoulders if their children play here. We have games with blood-splattering zombies, violent fighting games online and more that may be inappropriate for little gamers. We encourage parents to be very careful when their children are online.

4️⃣ Is there advertising and payment on Explode Games?

We try to limit the amount of advertising on Explode Games. You may see advertisements for other gaming sites or video advertisements before a game starts, as known from other casual gaming sites. We do our best to avoid advertising from unwelcome providers, and if you see anything that seems strange or wrong on Explode Games, please feel free to write to us.

5️⃣ Do I have to download anything to play on Explode Games?

No, you don't have to download anything to play on Explode Games - all games on the site work directly through your browser on your Mobile, Desktop or Tablet. If you are an iPad user, we recommend setting up your iPad to display the mobile version of Explode Games as this works best. You can select the mobile version via the small icon in the address bar of your iPad

6️⃣ How does Explode Games keep track of my Highscores and Favorite Games?

For Explode Games to keep track of your high score and the games you have added to your personal favourites page, we are required to store a cookie on your device; this means that if you delete all your cookies, your high score will disappear, and you may find that games, therefore, start all over again, this is worth remembering as some of the games can take many hours to complete.