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Ball Sort Color
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Ball Sort Color - Become the master of sorting!

Ball Sort Color is an engaging game that will keep you challenged and entertained! It's totally free to play. With different levels of difficulty to choose from, you can test your skills and have a blast while doing so.

Enjoy hours of fun with this simple puzzle game that will help you sharpen your reflexes. Get ready to show off your color sorting skills with Ball Sort Color!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, tap on a tube to lift a ball up. Then tap on another tube in which you want to put that ball. On a PC, use your mouse and right-click to do all the same.

How to play - Ball Sort Color

Your goal is to put all the matching balls together in a tube. The game starts off easy with only 2 tubes and red colored balls. As you advance through the game, there will be many tubes as well as many colored balls. On some levels, the balls will be unknown, and you must unveil their color and put them together.

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