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Sporos - Fill it, Spread it – Puzzle Triumph!

Dive into Sporos, a captivating free-to-play online matching puzzle game! Showcase your strategic skills as you conquer a variety of brain-teasing challenges. Hone your mind, level up, and unleash special abilities in this exciting matching adventure.

Game Controls 

On a Smartphone, use your thumb to touch the viruses, hold them, and then drop them in the desired locations.

On a PC, use your mouse's left-click button to select the viruses, hold them, and then drop them in the designated places.

How to play - Sporos

The concept of this game is simple. At the top, you'll spot virus-like objects that need to be placed in the empty spaces below.

Various virus types come with different effects. Some spread horizontally, others vertically, and more. Your goal is to fill the empty spaces with the given viruses, progressing through levels to unlock new challenges.

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