Bottle Flip - Play Now at Explode Games | (2023 Release)

Bottle Flip
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Bottle Flip - Flip It! Win It!

The ultimate challenge of skill and accuracy, Bottle Flip is easy to learn but hard to master. Enjoy hours of fun as you flip your way into this exciting free-to-play game. Sharpen your reflexes and aim for the perfect flip every time.

Game Controls

On a smartphone, tap and hold on your screen to set power and then let it go to flip the bottle.

On a PC, use your mouse to play the game. Right-click and hold to set power and let it go to flip the bottle.

How to play - Bottle Flip

The goal of the game is very straightforward. You have to flip the bottle between the gaps and land on the platforms successfully.

Each time you land on a platform, the next platform's shape and distance change. Set the right amount of power to flip the bottle and land perfectly. This game is quite great fun once you've mastered it.

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