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Cube Jump

Cube Jump – Cross the Road!

Are you ready to play this very exciting yet challenging game? Well, Cube Jump is here to offer you some features that you will definitely like.

It’s a simple cross-the-street free-to-play game that will help to develop confidence and enhance your aim. It uses an isometric format. So, don’t waste time. Fasten your seatbelt and play this unique game. 

Game Controls

Use the mouse and left-click to play this game on a PC. Tap on the screen to play this game on a Mobile. 

How to play - Cube Jump

To begin the game, click the arrow. To go from one row to the next, touch the screen or click the mouse. Each time you successfully jump and land on a block in the next row, you get points.

A point is added for landing on blocks that have a glowing square. More points are awarded for landing on smaller blocks. As you get points, you may unlock more boxes by purchasing them after selecting the menu in the bottom center of the screen. So, Let’s win this game!

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