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Alien Onslaught - Run and Gun through this epic intergalactic Saga!

Embark on an interstellar adventure like never before in Alien Onslaught, a free-to-play action game that combines intense running and action-packed alien shooting on a distant and perilous planet.

As the newest recruit in the Galactic Defense Force, your mission is to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat and save the galaxy from impending doom.

Game Controls

On a PC, use the WASD keys of your keyboard to move and use your mouse to aim and shoot.

On a phone, use the on-screen joysticks with your thumb to control and shoot. The left joystick is for movement, and the right joystick is for shooting.

How to play - Alien Onslaught

Your mission is to take down as many aliens as possible, employing a combination of running and shooting mechanics.

Aliens will attack you from all directions, and you must evade and shoot them. You will have 3 lives, so you must defend yourself at all costs! Run and gun your way to the highest score.

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