The Master of Archers

The Master of Archers
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The Master of Archers - Become the ultimate Marksman!

Step up your archery game with the free game “The Master of Archers”! Take aim and sharpen your skills as you work your way up to become the master archer.

With retro visuals and intuitive controls, this 2D game gives you hours of engaging, challenging fun. Show off your shooting accuracy as you hit targets of all kinds, from stationary to moving ones. Get ready to show off your archery skills with The Master of Archers!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, tap on the top left side of your screen to go up and the bottom left side to go down, and tap and hold on the right side of your screen to shoot an arrow.

On a PC, use the keyboard to play the game. Press "W" or up arrow key to go up and "S" or down arrow key to go down.

How to play - The Master of Archers

Your task in this game is to hit all the required targets with your bow and arrow. Move your player up and down and select a spot that you think is good. Then shoot an arrow.

The number of targets you require to hit will be shown on top of the screen. You will have a limited number of arrows, so use them wisely.

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