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Hypersnake - "The snake who knows maths."

Everybody loves snake games; snake games have been around for quite a while now. And the best thing is that these hyper casual games are constantly evolving. The snake you started with was really simple. Give it a point, and it will pass. But now the snake has become really smart; it knows how many points you have collected and will only let you pass through the boxes when you have enough points. Hypersnake is a great arcade game for people who like unlimited playing games. This game has a simple design and logic, and the whole game is based solely on that. The basic design and cool graphics of the game provide the player with a perfect arcade gaming experience. The game is not a very easy one; it tests the different abilities of the player. To become a good player, the player must be very responsive and quick. The player should also be very good at doing small calculations of add and subtract. This is needed because it is a point-based game, and you will be allowed to pass through a box only when you will have sufficient points available. You will have a fantastic time playing Hypersnake, have fun!

How To Play

The goal of the game

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