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Mahjong Deluxe - "Puzzle Mania"

Mahjong Deluxe is the perfect free browser game for any Mahjong lover. The game is the classic puzzle game Mahjong. So many people love Mahjong, and this game is here to help them have a good time playing it. And for those who do not know what Mahjong is, this is a classic puzzle game which will make you stick to your screen for hours straight. The game rules are similar to that of the usual board game to make it easy to play. The game consists of many different tiles. All these are white tiles with different patterns on them. The tiles have matching patterns, and when you select matching tiles, they will be removed from the game the same as the classic Mahjong. The exciting thing about Mahjong is how these tiles are arranged or structured. There are different ways in which it can be done. Mahjong Deluxe lets you choose from a bunch of popular and exciting pre-set designs. In addition, there are some tiles on which there are pictures; this is also a part of the game. The images are of different flowers, which add to the theme of the game. Mahjong is a board game, and hence usually played on tables. And to make the experience natural, a wooden theme is adopted in the game. Thus, the game's background has a wooden finish, and it also matches with the flower pictures on some of the tiles. Play this game right now if you love puzzles. And play it even if you don't like them because playing this game will definitely make you a puzzle lover.

How To Play

The game is not complicated. The basic rule, and in a way the only rule of the game, is that you can only select matching tiles. In the game, there will be many tiles arranged on the table. And they will be placed in a manner where tiles will cover each other. When a tile is covering another tile, you cannot select it; it will be locked. But some of the tiles will be on the edge of the game, they will be free, and you can select those tiles. You will have to select matching tiles from the tiles available for choosing. When you select two matching tiles, they will be removed from the game. As the tiles are removed, they will unlock the other tiles, and then the player can choose those tiles. In this way, you will keep selecting and dragging the tiles from the game. There are no other controls in the game, as there is no need for them. These rules and controls are similar to classic Mahjong. There will be some additional options in the game that you can use while playing. There will be a hint option where you can get a hint about the matching tiles. There will be 10 free hints in the game. There will be an option for restart, where you can restart your current level.

The goal of the game

The goal of the game is to finish the game in the least possible time. As you remove the tiles, you will be rewarded points in the game. You will keep collecting points in this manner, and they will be added at the end to calculate the score. There will be a time advantage in the game; it will be allowed if you quickly match two pairs of similar tiles continuously. As soon as you do a match, the timer will start, which will show the number of extra points if you match a pair quickly. This timer will last for only a short while and will keep reducing.

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