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Xmas Tiles

Xmas Tiles - Experience the Magic of Xmas Tiles!

Get into the festive spirit with Xmas Tiles, a delightful free-to-play online puzzle game. Enjoy stunning snowy visuals as you tackle challenging levels by creating and solving festive tile designs. Dive into the fun and progress through each level with this easy-to-play game for all ages.

Game Controls

From your smartphone, use your thumb to touch the tiles, and they will automatically fall into place.

From your PC, use your mouse and left-click to interact with the tiles.

How To Play - Xmas Tiles

Your objective of this game is very straightforward. Match identical tiles in rows. You'll need a minimum of three tiles adjacent to each other for a match. As you progress through each level, you'll earn points. You can use these points to unlock special features like shuffle, auto-matching a single tile, and rewind.

You'll be provided with a set of tiles to match within a specific time limit. Completing matches within the time frame will earn you additional points.

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