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Christmas Panda Run
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Christmas Panda Run - The cute panda needs your help!

Christmas Panda Run is one of this year's most fun, hillarious, and engaging online games. The game is never-ending and involves a cute panda on the run to destroy all kinds of monsters coming it's way. This panda might look adorable, but he is as tough as they get! This game has a beautiful Christmas theme with snowy weather as the panda runs towards monsters. The main goal of the game is simple. Shoot as many ogres, wolves, skeletons, and goblins headed your way. In addition, look out for bonuses in the form of coins, extra lives, and ammo that will help you survive.

Watch out for the rolling obstacles that come your way and birds flying over you since they drop bombs - LITERALLY! Aim to cover as much distance as possible to get a higher score. The longer you don't get killed, the more points you earn, which means your score will be higher.

Once you start playing Christmas Panda Run, there is no guarantee that you won't get hooked on it! Share your high score on Facebook and Twitter, and challenge your friends to see who is at the top of the leaderboard. Other than that, Christmas Panda Run is very light on your device and runs smoothly without bugs or lag.

How to play:

Christmas Panda Run is very user-friendly and easy to understand. You only need to jump and shoot at anything that might stop you from getting forward. PC Controls are such that: Use Spacebar to shoot and Arrow keys to jump. All you need to do on mobile devices is tap the jump-and-shoot icons.

The key is survival as long as possible and not giving away your life. You have three lives in each round you play.

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