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Red Impostor vs. Crew
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Red Impostor vs. Crew - "Stealth Killing"

Red Imposter vs. Crew is based on the famous online game Among Us. The game is very similar to the original game, but there are some tweaks in this game. In this game, the player is always the imposter. And his objective is to kill all the other players in the game. Like the original game in this game, the players will do various tasks on the ship they are stuck in, and the imposter will try to kill them all. In comparison to the classic among us, this game is pretty simple and straightforward. The game elements are very well designed and synced with each other. The sounds and music of the game are also expertly curated. When combined, all these elements provide the player a perfect arcade gaming experience. This game will test your patience, your intelligence, your swiftness, and your timing. Get this game right now and play a loaded version of the classic game.

How to Play

The players will not have any issues with understanding the game's controls, as they are pretty similar to the original game. We can move the impostor around the ship and kill the other players with a knife. There are also vents in the game, and the player can use them to quickly move from one room to another or between two distant places. When you start the game, all the players, including you, will be around the meeting table. And then, all of the players we'll go to different places and will start doing other tasks to fix the ship. You, as an impostor, will try to kill them, but you will have to be careful because if there is another player around you when you kill a player. You need to be cautious because he will report the body and alert everybody on the ship if he sees you. You will lose the level if that happens, so you need to be very careful. The player will have to plan in advance because the players will take only a specific amount of time to complete a task. After the task is completed, they will go to another place, and we'll start doing a different task. And while moving, they should not see any dead player. When all of the players are killed on a specific level, that level is completed. And you move on to the next level.

Goal of the Game

This is a level-based game. As you keep playing, the game will become more and more difficult. The number of players will increase, proving trickier for you to kill them all, with nobody reported. At a specific level, you only need to kill all the players. The new killer player will receive money which will drop out of his body, and the player will collect it. The more players you kill, the more money you will get. You will have to keep collecting this money in the game. You can use this money to buy different weapons for the imposter.

Enjoy and have fun playing this game!

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