Santa Run

Santa Run

Santa Run! "Help Santa save Christmas."

Christmas is in danger! Santa has lost all of his gifts, and Christmas is here. You need to help Santa in collecting all the gifts to save Christmas. Go through different alleys and collect gifts as fast as you can, but that isn't going to be as easy as it sounds.

All of Santa's helpers and friends have turned against him and will try their best to stop you from collecting gifts. The gingerbread men are roaming around with candy sticks in their hands to stop Santa. The reindeer are also drunk and will attack Santa with the empty bottles, and even the snowmen will try to stop Santa. Even the loyal elves who have been there with Santa his life have turned against him.

But you need to help Santa collect gifts and avoid his enemies, think about what you can do to defeat them? Use your heavy sack to deliver blows and beat your enemies, and pick up stones and aim them at them to hit them at a distance. Also, try to dodge their attacks by jumping and surprising them. Keep defeating enemies and move to the following areas where there would be more gifts.

Remember that enemies will be guarding them, so you need to hit them to defeat them. If they get lucky, do not worry, you have three lives to save the Christmas, but don't take it very easy as, after the three lives, the free casual game will end. This game is full of adventure, fun, danger, and rush. The High-Quality immersive graphics feel even more alluring when combined with the perfectly themed music of the game. Collect gifts, defeat reindeers and elves and save Christmas, enjoy!

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