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Christmas Match-3
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Christmas Match-3 - Nice Xmas game!

Christmas Match-3 is a simple yet eye-soothing matching online game for kids. For those who love online puzzles to solve and loves to play matching games, this game is for them.

You have to match the identical icons. Once they are at least three in a row or column, you get points. You will see a progress bar on your left. The time will count, and your moves to solve the blocks will be counted too. You will get extra time for your progress and receive points. The stats and your score will be shown before you. There are multiple levels in this game. As far as the game goes, as engaging as the game gets.

You will find the Christmas theme of this game very cozy and comfortable. Decorative Christmas illustrations on the game will allure you and make you happy and festive. The blue mountains covered with white snow and the rocky mountain ranges will remind you of the north pole. Santa Claus and his whole teamwork throughout the year to give Christmas presents to children. The snow is also an easter egg symbol of Christmas.

Besides, you will find the iconic illustrations of Christmas very appealing. As the Christmas bells, jingle bells, Christmas candies wrapped in red lace, teddy bear presents that children like, and last but not least, the elves wearing green clothes and hats.

Get in the Christmas spirit

Get in the Christmas spirit and play the game and match the icons. Tap and move to match the bells and candies, bears, and elves. After matching one combination, then search for other combinations to match. And then match them too. Some bonus time and points will be given if you can match multiple combinations in one move.

This game is good practice for the brain too. This will remove your stress and help you to stimulate your brain cells a lot. In other words, the theme, along with the puzzle, is a total package of delight. The gameplay is simple and friendly. Tap on the screen, drag, and drop the block to get a high score. Then, you play on and do the matchings.

The game can also be played on both PC and mobile platforms. The graphics are charming, along with the suitable chilling music in the background. Enjoy the game! Keep checking your time! And do not forget to get a high score.

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