Fruit Math

Fruit Math
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Fruit Math - Math made juicy and fun!

Get your daily dose of math practice in a fun and exciting way with the free to play game “Fruit Math”! Its intuitive game helps you learn and solve maths with colorful fruits as visual cues. With its simple and easy-to-use interface, you'll be solving math problems faster than ever. So don't wait, get smarter today with Fruit Math!

Game Controls

Fruit Math has really easy controls. On a smartphone, simply tap on the answer that you want to select and then tap on "OK" to proceed. To erase your answer tap on the backspace button located in the bottom right corner. On a PC, use your mouse to do the same.

How to play - Fruit Math

Your task is to solve math problems and pick the correct answer to advance in the game. There will be equations made with fruits, so you have to use your mind to do the maths. The game will surely challenge your mind. You will have a limited time to solve the problem, so be quick!

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