Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars - Become the richest man in the kingdom!

Ready to conquer the world? The free-to-play game Kingdom Wars will take you on an epic adventure!

Roll the dice and move your character to buy your own land. Strategize and collect duty from other players to dominate the kingdom. Get ready for a thrilling game of strategy and competition with Kingdom Wars!

Game Controls

Kingdom Wars has very easy controls. On a smartphone, tap the throw dice button to start the game. Your character will make the first move. After you drop on free land, you can press the "buy land" button to buy the land, or you can sell it. After that, press the "End turn" button to end your turn, and the other player's turn will come.

On a PC, use your mouse to click on those buttons and play the game in the same way.

How to play - Kingdom Wars

Your main goal is to buy land in order to stay on top financially. When other characters drop on your land, they will have to pay you duty. You must do the same when you drop on their land.

If you buy 3 lands that are next to each other, you can build houses on those land, and the players will have to pay more duty if they drop on them. The game will end if you run out of money, so make sure to be at the top.

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