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Happy Halloween
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Halloween puzzle - "choose the cards, save yourself"

"Halloween puzzle" is a challenging card flipper game you can play for free in your browser. In the game, you are shown several different cards. And you need to flip them to see what picture they have. After flipping one card, you will flip another card; if the picture on the two cards matches, it will be a pair, and those cards will be put aside. But if the images are different, then the cards will flip again, and you will have to try again.

The motive of the game is to clear the table and put all the cards aside. A player needs to have a solid memory to remember the particular cards to easily clear the table. There will be a timer running, and you need to finish the puzzle before the time runs out. Your moves are also counted by the game, and you have to keep them at a minimum to get a good score. For every card you flip, it will cost you 10 points. And when you guess a correct pair, you earn 100 points for that pair. So do not let those ugly zombies distract your mind, and flip the right cards. This is a level-based game.

As you complete a level within the time, you go to the next level. You start the game with a small number of cards. But as you progress, the number of cards keeps on increasing. Thus, the game becomes more and more challenging. So start playing today, and keep flipping until you become a puzzle master. Have fun!

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