Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Speed Racer - Be aware of the traffic!

Speed Racer is a funny racing game. Be aware! It is addictive! In this game, you will race on an oval racetrack. Your car will go in the opposite direction of your opponent’s car. You just have to avoid crashing into the other car, complete as many laps as you can, earn as many points as you can, and continue the race. So, you can see the only rule here is do not crash! Otherwise, the game will be over for you.

Remember, you have to play with a calm mind and with enough patience. If you crash once, you have to start all over again. This funny racing realease is part of our best free mobile games and it will surely make you happy, and you will have fun playing it. Just be cautious and stay focused. Let’s see how many laps you can cross! Let's see how many close calls you can avoid! And how many hurdles can you overcome? But be aware! This game is a really addicting game to play. Surrounding the racetrack are green areas, just like at an actual formula one track.

There are some exotic models of cars too. The game is sweet and funny. It will captivate your concentration and surely please you a lot. You will also enjoy the sound and graphics of this game. You will feel the same feeling as the racers do while racing on a racing track. You will feel their passion, feel their utmost energy and feel their urge for victory and reach the finish line. Just think for a moment that you are a racer. A speed racer. All you have known throughout your life is about race and sheer speed. You fanaticize the characters who raced, who loved speed as you do.

If you thrive for speed, run for glory, and love to talk about racing, then this game is definitely for you and your racer comrades. If you want to feel like a true racer, a risk-taker, then suit up and enjoy!

This game is playable on both mobile and PC platforms. You can play with one player or two players with your friend. Controls in a one-player game are conducted by Shift & Touch. Controls in a two-player game are stated below. Player-1 (Shift & Touch left pole on display), Player-2 (Up-arrow & Touch right pole on display). So, start your engine and GO!!

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