Traffic - You are in control!

Traffic is a unique, addictive, and fun free online game that people from all age groups will enjoy playing. The main goal of the game is simple: Help the person reach his car. However, there are many challenges in the way. The most dangerous is the mad Traffic which stops for no one! The key is to wait for the right moment and then take your chance to move forward. You can either move forward or backward, depending on the Traffic. Beware of whatever decision you make because once the car hits you, it's all over, and you have to start from the beginning.

The best part about the game is it tests your patience and improves your skill to make the right decisions. The game is designed with the maximum effort with great graphics and numerous artistic details. Other than that, Traffic is a very low-sized game and is very light on your device. This ensures the smooth running of the application without any bugs or lag. Moreover, this game is very user-friendly so that a three years old child to a grown-up adult can enjoy this game. So wait no more and dive into the fun!

How to play:

Traffic is a simple and easy game to play because you only need to press the forward and backward buttons on the screen with your mouse. You can move only one step at a time, and it's up to you whether to move forwards or backward. The aim is to watch out for Traffic and not bump into any cars. The main goal is to reach your car, which takes 100 steps forward. Your car is a total of 10 meters away from you. If you can cover that distance, then congratulations! You have succeeded.

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