Rocket Balance

Rocket Balance

Rocket Balance - Control your rocket like a master!

Ready for a wild spaceship ride? Launch into space with the free casual game Rocket Balance! Keep your rocket balanced and avoid obstacles as you take it to the finish line.

It's a thrilling, intense game of skill and reflexes where you have to display your control and handling skills. Get ready to test your true skills and have a blast with Rocket Balance.

Game Controls

On a smartphone, use the touch controls that are given on the screen. On the bottom left corner, you will find the thrusters button, and on the bottom left corner, you will find the left and right navigation buttons.

On a PC, use the arrow keys for flying and navigating the rocket.

How to play - Rocket Balance

Your mission is to control your rocket and take it to the finishing line while avoiding obstacles and dodging shots coming from other rockets. If you accidentally hit an obstacle, the rocket will blast.

The main challenge of this game is controlling the rocket. The game has realistic physics, which makes it difficult to control the rocket. The rocket will have a limited amount of energy, and you will have to collect them. You must be quick with your fingers and handle the rocket like a master!

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