Stone Smacker

Stone Smacker

Stone Smacker - An epic puzzle solving adventure!

Ready for an adventure? Stone Smacker is a free to play unique puzzle game that offers a challenging yet rewarding journey.

Find your way to the treasure by figuring out how to move the stones! With each level, the obstacles become more complex and require creative solutions. See if you can find your way to the ultimate reward, and have fun doing it! Play Stone Smacker now, and get ready for an exciting adventure.

Game Controls

The controls are very straightforward. On mobile, players must use the touch controls given in the bottom left and right corners of their screens. Tap on the right control to use your sword, and use the left control to move your player. On PC, players must use their keyboards. Use WASD to move and the space bar to use the sword.

How to play - Stone Smacker

Your main mission is to find ways to move the stones and use them to fill the path to get to the treasure. Cut the bushes or use them to hold the stone. The stones move vertically and horizontally. If you hit it once, the stone will go all the way to the end. So you must be careful with your moves. To restart the game you can hit the restart banner with your sword.

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