Cowboy Shoot

Cowboy Shoot

Cowboy Shoot - Break The Bottles

Cowboy Shoot is a fun free game that tests your accuracy. You have to shoot down all the bottles in this game while aiming accurately. This game's main character is a sheriff with wobbly hands and legs. So it won't be that easy to shoot the bottles. The background of this game also looks aesthetic. In Cowboy Shoot, you can experience being a cowboy sheriff in an old western town.

Game controls

On a smartphone, use your finger to interact with the touchscreen. On a PC, you must use your mouse to play.

How to play - Cowboy Shoot

Press and drag on the screen to aim. Then let it go to shoot. Your main goal is to shoot and break all the bottles. The cowboy's hand will be shaky so that the gun won't stay still. You must be patient and wait for the right time to shoot. Sometimes, you will be hindered by wooden boxes and dangerous barrels that explode. The bullet can also bounce from the objects or the sides, and you can hit yourself, so be careful!


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