Crazy Gravity

Crazy Gravity

Crazy gravity - "Seek the Deep space."

Have you ever thought about what would happen if an astronaut were stuck in outer space?

All your answers are right here in this free casual game. Crazy gravity is a sci-fi game where you help a stranded astronaut stuck on an alien planet. Our astronaut went on a secret space mission and had an accident. His rocket crashed on an alien planet, and now he is stuck. He has repaired his rocket, but there is no power in it. Luckily there is power on this planet, but the power is very low, and many power points will be needed to launch the rocket.

So your mission is to help the astronaut in collecting all the power points and start his rocket to come back home. You are his last hope. But this is not going to be easy. The power points are randomly located all over the planet, and this planet is very dangerous. There are laser beams, and pointy spikes which come out of the ground. There are destructible boxes, which you need to clear to pass through spaces. And there are many transport holes on the planet, which help you go from one place to another. But the most astonishing thing about this planet is its double gravity. There are entries and exits; when you pass through them, you change your gravity phases. In these zones, your gravity shifts. So everything becomes upside down, and it can be really confusing sometimes.

This game requires a strong sense of reaction, quick responses, and a patient player. Get ready for some outer space action!

How to Play

The game is inspired by "Super Mario." And thus, most of the controls are the same as the classic game. You can control the astronaut, you can move him left and right, and you can make him jump; double-pressing the jump button in mid-air will make him perform a double jump. A double jump can be really useful when you are trying to reach high platforms or objects. There will be various obstacles in the game. For example, the reverse gravity zones can turn out to be really tricky, even for the most experienced players. So make sure you pay special attention to them.

There are some unique features in this game as well. For example, some buttons trigger actions. And there is the power feature when passing through a reverse gravity zone; you jump out with the same force you jumped it. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Goal of the game

The goal of this game is to collect all the power points in the game. Which will then power the rocket. This is a level-based game. And there is a power point at each level. The power points are randomly located on the levels. And you need to explore each level and find them. When you find a power point, you will have to run or jump over it to pick it. But the work is not finished yet. After picking a power point, you also need to successfully complete the level by jumping through the portal. If you do not jump through the portal, that power point is lost, and everything goes to waste. You can still access the new level, which unlocks when you complete a level, with or without the power point. But eventually, you will have to do the level again because all the power points are needed to power the rocket.

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