Duck Shooter

Duck Shooter

Duck Shooter - Aim, Shoot and Hit


Duck Shooter is an entertaining, fun free online game you can play for hours and hours! Designed as a carnival-style shooting gallery game, Duck Shooter captivates the player. The game is never-ending and involves various ducks passing by the screen, at which you have to aim and shoot.

To play this game, you need good reflexes. Think you can take up the challenge? Go ahead and give it a try! The game is not complex at all and very easy to understand. The only controls you need are your mouse to aim at the ducks and press mouse buttons to shoot. As a result, this game improves your reaction time and reflexes, which is a healthy exercise for your mind. Other than that, Duck Shooter is a lightweight application that plays well on any device.

Rules of the game:

It might look like child's play, but that might not be the case when you play with it. There are yellow as well as red ducks that pass by. Your job is simple: Shoot only the yellow ducks. Shooting a red duck will result in your score getting deducted instantly. Not challenging enough for you yet? To make it more interesting, there is a timer, so if you fail to shoot a duck before the time runs out, it will result in a Game Over.

Every shot you take at the yellow duck will earn you another second on the timer. Simultaneously, a shot at the red duck will deduct one second from the timer, so be careful where you shoot! In addition, if you take a shot at one of the birds/eggs in the background, it will be game over instantly.

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