Gold Miner

Gold Miner

Gold Miner - Gold is everywhere!

Hey, you shining gem, don't be bored; you're not alone. Let me take your hand and lead you to a place where gold, diamonds, and all other precious treasures await you. All you need to do is dig down the earth as much as possible, and all will be yours—what a golden chance for you to become a tycoon. Let's play gold miner.

This is the gem among all other mining games that are free to play online. Extremely simple and addictive. Within the 60 precious seconds, you must dig down the earth and collect all the jewels and treasure bags on one level as much as possible. And wallah…you are a capitalist gold digger. Captivating graphics and soft relaxing music will undoubtedly satisfy your playing experience.

How to play:

You have all the tools to dig down the land and get your treasures out. You have a crane with a swinging hook which you can lower down by tapping on the screen, and it will grab the treasures from beneath the earth, whichever you aim for. If you do not tap the hook timely, you will lose your golden seconds out of that precious minute, and the game will be over. In addition, each object you dig out gets you a certain amount of money you can collect and then use to buy more items for better gameplay on the next level.

The goal of the game:

The game's goal is to collect a target amount of money to get to the next level. You can buy more tools and items out of that money for a better and easier level up on the next level. Explore the game to know more, And play it to explore…! We claim the best user experience for our players.

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