Hit Em Up

Hit Em Up

Hit Em Up - A great action game

There are armies of zombies that have raided a small town in the ipad game called "Hit Em Up." You will have to navigate the famous hunter through an area of the city which will be displayed on the screen. The zombies will try to conceal away behind buildings and various other objects in the game.

You will have a grenade launcher at your disposal to aim at the zombies. You will do this with the help of a display of a dashed line on your screen which will help you carefully position the shot's distance. If you can position it right, the grenade will destroy the zombies through an explosion, earning you points.

After you do this, you will have achieved the target of a zombie-free zone! The game itself has impressive and beautiful graphics that are awe-inspiring for the user. Moreover, it is very light on your device and does not take much storage, ensuring the smooth running of the game. This user-friendly game is for all audiences and age groups as it is appropriate as well fun for everyone. So wait no more, give this game a try, and get hooked to it!

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