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Pick It

Pick It - Pick with precision!

Get ready to put your reflexes to the test as you embark on a fun journey with the free casual game Pick It! Pick up slices of fruit, pizza, or delicate flower petals in this fast-paced game and challenge your timing and precision.

With its simple and engaging gameplay, Pick It is the perfect way to unwind, have fun, and sharpen your hand-eye coordination. So, are you up for the challenge? Get your fingers ready and start picking!

Game controls

The controls are very straightforward. On a PC, just click with your mouse to pick up a slice or a piece. On a smartphone, tap anywhere on the screen to pick up a piece.

How to play - Pick It

There will be a spinning fruit, pizza flower, etc, and you will have to pick all its pieces one by one. When you tap/click, the hand that is on the screen will reach for a piece of pizza, fruit, or a flower petal.

You will get 3 chances, so try not to miss any of the pieces! The more points you score, the faster the object will spin. Timing is everything in this game. So crack your knuckles and start picking!

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