Tank Defender

Tank Defender

Tank Defender - "Sir, yes sir!"

You are a tank commander who is alone in a surrounded enemy valley, there is no chance of any help, and you are entirely on your own. The enemy knows your position and has sent a massive fleet to attack you. Now is the time to prove that you are the best tank commander of all time, aim for those planes, and destroy them to get points and dollars. There are different kinds of aircraft, there are small fighters, and there are some dangerous big bombers.

These planes will take passes and will try to drop bombs on you; your job is to aim for those bombs and destroy them before they reach the ground to hurt you. Unfortunately, there are deadly helicopters as well, which are also after your life. But you are not entirely helpless; as you shoot the planes, you get bonuses. Random planes contain special extras in them, which will help you in attacking. These bonuses will also help you in defending your position and will help in shooting those planes.

There will be a time bonus that will give you some additional seconds on the timer and will allow you to shoot down a few more planes. There is the "tank shield" that will give your tank some time of immunity. In that safety period, you don't need to care about anything about defence and just need to destroy those damn planes. There are also rare extra life bonuses that will give you an additional life if you get hit with a bomb. But the best bonus is the extra cannon bonus, which provides you with a helping hand in shooting rockets, it upgrades the tank, and then the tank shoots the planes with 2 missiles at the same time.

This free games app is not based on any level or stage system but is a never-ending game that lets you play it until all of your three lives are used up. You are defeated if your timer runs out; all the planes have different points, which are rewarded if you shoot them; in the end, those points are totalled, which becomes your level score. This game will test your shooting, manoeuvring, and managing skills. Have a great time playing, defend your position and prove that you are the best tank commander!

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