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Archery - Experience Archery Excitement Like Never Before!

Archery is a free casual browser game. Grab your bow and arrow, take aim, and test your skills in this endless target-hitting adventure. Experience endless fun as you strive to become an archery master by hitting them all!

Game Controls

From your smartphone, use your thumb to hold, target a place, and release your thumb to shoot. From your PC, use your mouse's left-click button to hold, target a place, and release the button to shoot.

How To Play - Archery

The objective of this game is simple: aim your bow and shoot at your target to level up and earn points. The more you hit the middle, the higher your score. These points can be used to purchase new bows in the marketplace.

The game offers two modes: completing levels and an endless level where you'll encounter shooting balloons and moving targets, making it even more enjoyable.

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