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Funny Tennis Physics - The game where anything can happen!

Do you love tennis but hate the rules? Then this game is for you! Funny Tennis Physics is a free casual game and is the most hilarious tennis game ever made!

The gameplay is simple. Just give a tap to jump and swing your racket. But be careful because the physics is unpredictable and crazy in this game!

Game Controls

On a PC, use your mouse to play this game. You can use both the right and left buttons to play this game. Click on the side of the team that you are playing as.

On a smartphone, just give a tap on the side of the team that you are playing as.

How to play - Funny Tennis Physics

The rules are a bit different than a traditional game of tennis. Calculate the timing and click to make both of your players jump in the air and swing their rackets.

In this game, you cannot let the ball touch the ground at any cost. Or if you are playing against your friends, then making them miss will be your target. That's how you gain a point!

The team that scores 5 points first wins the game. You can play this in single-player mode, or you can also play this game with your friends in double-player mode!

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