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Dunk Shot

Dunk shot - Shoot Hoops

Are you ready to take on the ultimate basketball challenge in “Dunk Shot”? In this free-to-play, captivating sports game, you'll put your shooting skills to the test as you aim to sink those perfect shots.

Use your strategic skills, take advantage of the walls, and aim to strike only the net.

Game Controls

The controls are very simple. On a PC, you can use the mouse to drag and aim the basketball. On a Smartphone, you can use your fingers to drag and aim the basketball to make it to the next basket.

How to play - Dunk Shot

The game challenges you to enhance your basketball shooting skills. The main goals are to throw the ball into the hoops to gain points, progress through steadily difficult stages, gather stars to earn bonuses and unlock new basketballs.

The game begins with simple rim angles, but as you progress, the challenges become increasingly demanding, pushing your accuracy and strategy to the limit.

You must maintain accuracy and precision to get the highest score.

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