Emoji Maze

Emoji Maze

Emoji Maze - Solve the maze with fun emojis!

Ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test? The free online game Emoji Maze is the perfect way to do that in a fun, exciting way! Pick your favorite emoji and get ready to challenge yourself while avoiding angry emojis.

With many fun levels, you'll never run out of new mazes to explore and solve. Keep up with the trends with Emoji Maze!

Game Controls

First, you must choose a device before the game starts. On a smartphone, you must use the touch controls that are given on the screen. On the bottom left side, you will find the up and down controls, and on the bottom right side, you will find the left and right controls.

On a PC, simply use the arrow keys to navigate your emoji.

How to play - Emoji Maze

Your main goal is to solve the maze. On your way, you will have to dodge other emojis, and to open the finish line, you must collect all the like emojis. The other emojis will have a movement pattern. Read their movement and quickly evade them.

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