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Fluffy Jelly Cat - Dive Into The Ultimate Jelly Adventure!

Welcome to Fluffy Jelly Cat, the great free-to-play online shooting game! With incredible graphics and joyful music, it's perfect for anyone, from beginners to pros. Explore different levels, each with its own challenges, alongside our cute cat and jellies.

Game Controls

On a smartphone, use your thumb to aim the cat just like a real-life bow. Touch the cat and swipe it in the opposite direction of where you want to move.

On a PC, the controls are the same as on a smartphone, but instead of your thumb, you'll use your mouse. Hold down the left arrow key on your mouse to aim.

How to play Fluffy Jelly Cat

Your mission is very easy - aim your cat and guide it to the right cliffs while collecting stars. There are different levels with various challenges. To check your remaining jumps, look at the top right corner with the green arrow sign, where the number of available jumps is displayed. Watch out for obstacles like blades! You start with 3 hearts, so do your best to keep the cat alive.

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