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Fruit Boom
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Fruit Boom - Slice It Up!

Ready to have some fun and test your reflexes? Fruit Boom is the perfect free-to-play game for you! The objective of the game is simple, slice as many fruits as you can and score the highest while avoiding bombs.

It's easy to learn but hard to master. See how long you can last against the bombs and get ready to be the ultimate Fruit Boom champion!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, use your finger and drag it across the screen to use it as a knife to cut the fruits.

On a PC, use your mouse to play. Right-click and hold, then drag it across the screen to cut the fruits.

How to play - Fruit Boom

There are two modes in this game which are "Normal mode" and "Limited time". In normal mode, you will have unlimited time to cut the fruits, but you cannot hit any bombs or drop more than three fruits. If you do, the game will end. In Limited mode, you will have all the same as normal mode but with a limited amount of time.

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