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Fruit Master - Slice and Dice

Enter a world of thrilling slicing and dicing in Fruit Master. In this free-to-play game, observe the intricate patterns of spinning fruits and master the art of well-timed knife throws.

Your accuracy and understanding of the fruit's rotations will be your greatest assets in reaching new levels.

Game Controls

The controls for this game are very straightforward. On a Computer, tap on the left mouse key to throw the knives. On a Smartphone, tap on the screen to throw the knives.

How To Play - Fruit Master

The goal of the game is to put your timing and accuracy to the test as you toss knives to cut rotating fruits.

The game encourages you to improve your timing and accuracy while challenging you to avoid missed throws.

The ultimate goal is to advance through levels, achieve high scores, and unlock various knives, all while enjoying a fun and great mobile gaming experience. So, sharpen your aim and let the slicing begin!

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