Golf Pin

Golf Pin

Golf Pin - Put the red balls in the hole

Golf Pin is a free-to-play casual game online where players must hit the pins to turn the white balls into red and put them in the hole. It's just like a classic game of golf with an epic new twist. It's a must-play game for all the golf lovers out there.


Game Controls

The game can be played on the browser of your smartphone or PC. On a smartphone, players can use the touchscreen to aim and play. On a PC, you will have to use a mouse.


How to play - Golf Pin

To begin, you must hit the correct pins and ensure that the red ball touches the white balls to turn them all red. Then you must hit the other pins in order to insert the red balls into the hole. Aim and set power with your finger or mouse. You'll first need to figure out which pin you must hit, or you will become stuck. Good luck!


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