Micro Golf Ball

Micro Golf Ball
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Micro Golf Ball - Micro Golf Mega Fun!

Micro Golf Ball is a free-to-play casual golf game where players have to play a game of golf on a mini course. But unlike the normal game, it has a twist. There will be colored balls that you need to put in the appropriate holes. Players will also need to get through certain objects which makes this more interesting and fun. Micro Golf has 30 different courses that you can unlock by playing.

Game Control

The controls are as simple as it gets. Mobile users have to tap and hold to play the game. PC users will have to use the mouse to play.

How to play - Micro Golf Ball

There will be different colored balls that you will need to put in appropriate holes. There will also be walls that you will have to open by pushing a button. On some levels, you also might need to use other obstacles to hit the balls and score. You can set the power and direction by tapping/clicking and holding on the screen. Happy golfing!

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