Micro Golf Ball 2

Micro Golf Ball 2
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Micro Golf Ball 2

Get ready for "Micro Golf Ball 2," the sequel to the hit casual internet game. Even though the game's difficulty has increased, it's still fun to play over and over again. There is also interesting stuff like portals and lasers that will change the color of your ball. Micro Golf 2 is completely free to play. You can play it using a web browser.

Game Controls

The control of this game is simple.

To hit the ball, you must first select the direction, then click and hold to set the power. After that, just let go, and the ball will roll!

How to play - Micro Golf Ball 2

Your main goal is to get the ball to the hole. On some levels, there might be multiple colored balls that you must put into their appropriate holes. You have to set the right angle and shoot the ball at the right power to get past walls, objects, and portals. Best of luck!



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