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Slices - Solve food themed puzzles by arranging pizza slices

Slices is a fantastic, free online puzzle game for everyone! Enjoy hours of fun with brain-teasing challenges. Sharpen your mind as you conquer puzzles, one slice at a time, on your way to sweet success. Solve food puzzles in Slices by arranging slices to create the perfect pizza masterpiece!


On a smartphone, simply tap the empty pizza plates to place the slices.

On a PC, use your left mouse button to click and put the slices into the empty plates.

How To Play - Slices

The goal of this game is super simple. You've got six empty pizza plates waiting for slices to turn them into a whole pizza.

Some fresh slices arrive in the middle for you to use each time, but try not to put the wrong ones on the plates. It's all about thinking and using your skills, making it a fantastic thinking game that's super fun for everyone.

So, use your mind carefully. As you play, you can level up, and your level is displayed at the top middle. Completing levels earns you points, and the more points you gather, the faster you'll rise through the ranks.

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