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Soccer Free Kick
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Soccer Free Kick - Bend the ball like a pro!

Experience the thrill of scoring goals with Soccer Free Kick! This free-to-play 2D game offers the ultimate challenge to become a free-kick expert.

Practice to perfection and show off your skills with some amazing goals. With easy and interactive gameplay and challenging levels, Soccer Free Kick is the ultimate soccer game and become the best free-kick taker!

Game Controls

The controls are very easy. On a smartphone, touch and glide on the screen with your finger to shoot and bend the ball.

On a PC, use your mouse to play the game. Left click and hold, then glide to shoot.

How to play - Soccer Free Kick

Your only task is to score as many goals as possible. The game starts off with an empty goalpost. Each time you score a goal, the challenges also increase.

There will be players in front of you as well as moving goalkeepers. You can either shoot the ball straight or bent it if required. You will start with 5 chances, and if you miss 5 times, the game ends.

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