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Sorting Balls - Match Colors, Solve Puzzles, Have Fun!

Welcome to Sorting Balls, a free-to-play online strategic IQ-based game! Your mission is to fill up tubes with colorful balls. This game is packed with excitement and challenges.

You'll encounter various puzzling scenarios that will put your intelligence to the test. Can you become a master of sorting? Dive into the fun world of Sorting Balls and show off your skills!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, use your thumb to tap the balls and place them into the tubes. On a PC, use your right-click option to select the balls and put them into the tubes.

How To Play - Sorting Balls

The aim of this game is super easy. You'll see tubes with mixed-up colored balls. All you have to do is tap the balls and put them into a tube with the same color.

Each tube can hold up to four balls of the same color. As you move up in levels, things get trickier. So, use your brainpower to solve the puzzles.

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