Super Tetris Puzzle

Super Tetris Puzzle
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Super Tetris Puzzle - Start Stacking for Hours of Fun!

Ready to take on a challenge? Super Tetris Puzzle is here to bring you the best block-matching experience ever!

With different modes and cool themes to choose from, you'll never be bored - and with a retro design, hours of gameplay are guaranteed! Take your skills to the next level with Super Tetris Puzzle, and have fun in the process!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, you have to use the touch controls that are given on the screen. On the bottom right corner, you will find the block moving and rotating controls, and on the bottom left corner, you will find the speed up and hold buttons.

On a PC, use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Left and right arrows to move the block, up arrow to rotate the block, down arrow to speed up the block, and "C" to hold.

How to play - Super Tetris Puzzle

In a game of Tetris, you have to fill the bottom horizontal line with blocks to clear them out. If you fail to do so, blocks will pile up, and there will be no space left.

Super Tetris Puzzle has many fun modes of the Tetris game. There are the classic, arcade, reverse, etc. There are also many cool themes that will change the visual style of the game.

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