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Cube the Runners
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Cube The Runners - Run the cube through the wild way

Cube The Runners is an amazing free to play fast pace game where you need to move and jump to stay on the path. This is a game that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. The game becomes even more fun with its 2 player mode, where you can challenge your friends and family. So, challenge everyone and show off your swiftness in this epic game!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, you must swipe left and right to move your cube and tap to jump. When in 2-player mode, the screen will split, and the controls will be the same for both sides of the screen. On PC, use your mouse. Right-click to jump, and click and drag left and right to move.

How to play - Cube the Runners

Your main goal is to keep your cube alive for as long as possible. You must move your cube through the zigzag way and jump between gaps or obstacles. As you go further, the speed of the game will increase, and so will the thrill! In 2-player mode, the last man standing wins the game.

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