Filled Glass 3 Portals

Filled Glass 3 Portals
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Filled Glass 3 Portals - Teleport The Balls!

Filled Glass 3 Portals is a free-to-play browser game where you have to use portals to teleport the balls to fill the cup. The game is based on physics. Portals, Blackholes, and wormholes have always fascinated us. You never know where they will lead you to! But in Filled Glass 3 Portals, you know where they will lead. So you have to think carefully and lead the balls to the right place in the right way.

Game controls

the game controls are simple, use your finger to tap on the touchscreen on a smartphone. On PC, you have to use your mouse and click.

How to play - Filled Glass 3 Portals

In the game Filled Glass 3 Portals, your main goal will be successfully teleporting the balls through the portal and filling up the glass. But if you overfill it, some of the balls might fall, and you might lose your life that is given in the game. Losing one ball means losing one life. There will also be spikes as you advance to further levels, so you will have to be careful. Another important part is when you run the white balls in the portal it changes the color of the balls. You need to make sure only the colored balls go inside the glass. When the glass is filled up to the mark, you will have to wait for a short moment to advance to the next level.

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