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Monster Destroyer
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Monster Destroyer - Reunite the Monsters

Monster Destroyer is an online game where you must destroy blocks (wooden, metal, and explosive) to help the monster come to touch a different monster. The game is physics-based. Monster Destroyer is easy to play, and there are 30 different levels that you unlock by playing. The UI is clean and easy to use, so players can relax while playing it. Monster Destroyer is free to play and is available on all popular browsers.

Game Controls

Monster Destroyer is playable on both smartphones and PC. You must use your finger and tap the touchscreen to interact on a smartphone. On PC, you have to use your mouse to do the same.

How to play - Monster Destroyer

To advance to the next level, you must collect the stars and make sure the monsters touch each other. Your main goal will be to break the blocks to make the two monsters meet. The game will end if the monster at the top hits the ground without touching the monster at the bottom, so you have to use your mind and find a way to break the blocks correctly.

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