Stack Jump

Stack Jump

Stack Jump - How high can you go?

Stack Jump is a game with a unique concept. Unlike other stacking games this casual game online, has its own unique theme. In the game, you play as a character, and you need to stack up the boxes. So it doesn't sound very unique, right? The unique thing is that you will jump and land on the box to fix it in the place rather than let it fall into its place.

The game will start with you standing on top of a box, and you need to tap the screen to make your character jump and land on the box, which will be coming from the sides. After the character lands on the box, he will again have to jump instantly as the box will be coming any second. The direction of the incoming boxes keeps changing; they may come from left or right. But to help you, a warning sign will appear in the direction in which the box will appear. It will work as a hint to assist you. The alignment of the box will depend on the timing of the jump.

You will make a perfect stack if you estimate and jump at the right point. As you keep stacking the boxes, you will earn points; the higher your stack, the higher the points. In addition, if the boxes are stacked perfectly, you will get a bonus, which will increase your points earned for that stacked box. You can use the earned points to unlock different characters. IN the game, a lot of characters are available, which have their various themes.

With different characters, the music, boxes, background, and theme will change. This game is also unique as it does not allow you to take a retry; there are no extra lives in the game. So if you fail to make a proper jump, you will hit the box on the side, you'll lose the try, and you will have to start from the beginning again. So be a little careful while you try to make some record height stacks. And after you do, compare them with your friends to see who is the best stacker, happy stacking!

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