Throw Daggers

Throw Daggers
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Throw Daggers - Get Your Angle Right, Strike the Fruit!

Get your aim right and become a master of the art of throwing daggers! Play the free online game Throw Daggers and challenge yourself with intense levels of dagger-throwing action. Choose your angle, read the wind, and let your daggers fly with precision.

Challenge yourself and show off your accuracy with Throw Daggers, the ultimate dagger-throwing game!

Game Controls

On a smartphone, Just tap on the dagger to throw it. On a PC, Use your mouse and click on the dagger to throw it.

How to play - Throw Daggers

Your task is to hit all the fruits with the dagger. But you have to keep an eye on the wind. The throwing angle will depend on the direction and power of the wind. You can calculate them and launch the dagger at a perfect angle to hit the fruits.

You will have a limited number of daggers, and if you miss one time, you will lose a dagger, so be careful.

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