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Zombie Uprising
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Zombie Uprising - "Kill them and score!"

Everything has gone wrong. The city is filled with monsters and zombies. It is double trouble!! Some experiments went wrong, and now the world is in danger. Zombies and monsters are running all around and will destroy everything that comes in their way. They have made a new target, and it's your city!!

They are heading towards your city and want to destroy it. They will come with full force and will not stop until they succeed. This free browser game has very engaging and intense graphics.

The graphics and the music give you a complete feel for a zombie invasion. However, due to the visible violence and blood, this game may be inappropriate for small children. You cannot stop them forever, but you need to hold on for as long as possible. So get ready to become a hero and save your city. Now is your chance to become a hero. SAVE YOUR CITY!

How to play:

This is a straightforward and easy-to-play game. There are no complex controls in the game. You will have a view of the city entrance. There is a road in the middle, surrounded by grass. This is going to become a death stage very soon. Different zombies and monsters will keep coming; you need to kill them to stop them. To kill them, you just need to swipe down from the top.

This is not a level-based game. Instead, this is an infinite hold game; your goal is to prevent the zombie invasion for as long as you can. Zombies will come running towards you from the top of the screen. And they will run all the way to the bottom. You will have to kill them in the meantime. You will not immediately lose if a zombie passes without getting killed. You will only lose a life.

You will have three lives available. And you will be game over after losing all 3. Lives can be restored during the game. In addition, random zombies contain bonuses in them; use them to get extra lives.

The goal of the game:

As you keep playing and killing zombies, you will collect points. These points will determine your score in the end: the higher your points, the higher the score. So make sure you kill as many zombies and monsters as you can if you want to set a high score. So the only thing that matters is time. So hold your position as long as you can, and kill every zombie you get your hands on!

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